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SiBioLead is an online biocomputing platform for computational drug discovery

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We use stable tech stack to process your submissions in 24-72 hours for all high-throughput screening.

Inspiring lead-discovery technology

Our state-of-the-art D-HTVS and Molecular Simulation technology enables you to discover lead molecules with high precision

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We use high quality authentication system for you to have worry-free submissions.

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About Us

Brought to you from a team of scientists and engineers.

We bring the power of computational biology at the browser-level.

Our mission is to provide computational biology solutions at an affordable price.

We are proud to revolutionize virtual drug discovery using cloud-based technology.

Our powerful cloud-based technology enables customized drug discovery service by harnessing virtual screening of large databases with high speed and precision.

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Our inspiring drug-discovery applications


Our ingenious Diversity-based High Throughput Virtual Screening (D-HTVS) technology preloaded with millions of small molecules from sought-after databases, including ChEMBL, ZINC, and ChemBridge libraries, facilitates meticulous and rapid screening to successfully identify target-specific lead molecules.

Exploit our powerful cloud-servers for your rapid virtual screening.

Perform blind or unbiased docking using our SiBDock module with high precision and flexibility.

Molecular Dynamic Simulation Module

One of a kind web-application designed to set up GROMACS based macromolecular-drug bound complex simulations up to one microsecond in a single step.

Toward providing simulation service for a wide range of users, we have numerous afforable pricing plans, as low as $40 (pay-per-simulation).

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Client-oriented services

Project-based lead-discovery services for academics and commercial entities using our powerful state-of-the art tools within stipulated time.

Our wide-range of customized services:

  • Virtual Kinase Profiling (kinome-wide screening) for target ligands

  • High-throughput lead identification for target proteins

  • Microsecond scale GROMACS-based atomistic molecular dynamics simulations to elucidate protein and drug dynamics

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Our Team

Meenakshisundaram Balasubramaniam, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Phil Williams, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Robert J Shmookler Reis, D.Phil.

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Kottayil I Varughese, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor


We offer competitive promotional pricing plans exclusive for our academic users


$0 / month

  • Automated ligand preparation/conformer generation
  • Dock up to 2 molecules per submission
  • PLIP analysis included
  • No Credit Card details needed

Premium Monthly plan

  • Access to our new Diversity-based High throughput virtual screening technology
  • Access to pre-loaded libraries including ChemBridge, ChEMBL, NCI and ZINC compounds
  • Enjoy the fully-automated, hassle-free, Molecular Dynamic Simulation module that performs simulation up to 200 nanoseconds, with extension to MMPBSA-based Gibbs binding free energy calculations


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Sibiolead modules use established open-source software